• Free Range KellyBronze Turkeys

    Lovingly bred and traditionally reared at Sparlings farm Felsted, Essex


  • Free Range Eggs

    Our farming methods are not just beneficial for the well-being of the birds.


Our family have been farming at Sparlings Farm, Felsted in Essex for three generations.

Here at Sparlings Farm, we rear free range poultry on our family run farm here in Felsted, Essex. As a small family farm, we take great pride in doing things the traditional way, taking the time and care to properly rear our KellyBronze turkeys and hens to ensure quality of like for the animals and great-tasting produce for our customers.

It’s the way we’ve always known, passing down this traditional farming method down three generations of farmers to ensure that this old-fashioned way of farming remains intact.

We are committed to provide our birds with the best life possible. It’s why we only rear free-range animals, giving them the freedom to roam the farmland at their own leisure. As a result, the animals are much happier and don’t face any of the stresses associated with factory farming.

Our farming methods are not just beneficial for the well-being of the birds, we feel it has a direct effect on the overall quality of the produce, resulting in tastier turkeys and chicken eggs.


Christmas at Sparlings Order your premium KellyBronze Turkey for Christmas 2021 Now

For the past 12 years, Sparlings Farm has been rearing Kelly Bronze turkeys ready for the Christmas table. All customers must pre-order their turkey prior to collection.
Please Call 01371 820281, alternatively order through our online ordering form.

Free range hens

Kelly Bronze Turkeys

Our Poultry

We rear free-range Kelly Bronze turkeys and hens at our family farm in Felsted, Essex. This gives our customers the best-tasting produce possible and more importantly, guarantees a high quality of life for every bird living on the farm.

For six months of the year we rear 2,500 KellyBronze turkeys, which are viewed by most as the best tasting turkey on the market. The reason for this is the special rearing method, which involves letting the turkeys roam freely in a large wooded area until they reach full maturity.

Because the maturing process of this breed of turkey takes much longer than other types, the birds are given more time to fully mature in time for the festive period.

Their age, combined with the fact they are free roaming, has a significant impact on the overall flavour, with more natural fat present in the body that permeates through the meat during the cooking process.

There is also much higher bone marrow in more mature turkeys, helping to maintain lots of moisture when cooked, producing mouth-wateringly succulent meat, while a natural gravy oozes from the turkey as it cooked – perfect for some homemade turkey gravy!

Other turkeys aren’t given the time to naturally mature like our birds, so there is distinct lack of flavour present compared to a KellyBronze from Sparlings Farm.

We also rear 37,000 free-range laying hens here at the farm, who are given the same freedom to roam as our premium KellyBronze turkeys. The hens can run around outside whenever they feel like it, getting access to plenty of daylight and the chance to eat various insects on top of the feed, helping to improve the overall happiness and health of each bird.

The results speak for themselves – just have one taste of our delicious free-range eggs and you’ll know exactly what we mean!

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