Three Generations of Family Farming

Sparlings Farm is a family run farm based in the small village of Felsted, Essex. We’ve been farming for three generations and plan to continue for many more, with our family-focused ethos having a strong influence on our farming practices.

We care greatly about the animals we rear on the farm, giving them a high quality of life that you don’t find in many modern farms, which are focusing too much on generating profits rather than the care and well-being of the animals they rear.

For us, the animals are an extension of the family. We see them every day, take the time to feed them, care for them when they are ill, and do everything we can to ensure they are happy and fulfilled. While we do this because we care about the wellbeing of every animal on the farm, it also has the added benefit of improving the overall quality of our produce!

Our Ethos

Animal welfare is one of the most important components of our farm. We don’t just sell animal produce here, we take care of our animals, which is why we give them the freedom to roam the farmland.

Kelly Bronze Turkeys, roaming Spralings farm, Felsted Essex

Our KellyBronze turkeys roam freely in a large open space, giving them access to ample sunshine and fresh air. They are slowly reared without any drugs or growth promoters, while their diet consists of locally sourced cereals and vegetable proteins, ensuring happy and satisfied birds throughout their lifespan.

The same goes for our free-range hens. They aren’t bundled together in tiny cages and forced to produce large quantities of eggs, instead being given the freedom to explore the outdoors at their leisure.

By giving our animals the opportunity to freely roam outdoors, they are enjoying a stress-free environment that’s helps to maintain a high quality of life, which is one of our main priorities here at the farm.



Our Story

The Moore family has deep connection with their farmland. Previous generations first set to working the land over 100 years ago, with the tradition carrying on to the current generation operating at Sparlings Farm.

Ask any member of the family and they will have fond memories of the farmland, from all our cousins taking turns at riding the old working horse Nell to gathering around the table in the traditional farmhouse kitchen to share a delicious family meals cooked by grandmother.

Today, we no longer use the Sparlings Farmhouse as part of the day to day operations of the farm, with the building no longer equipped for the challenges of modern poultry farming.

However, the beautiful farmhouse remains an important part of our family history and the community, achieving Grade 2 listed building status, standing as a proud reminder of the close connection the Moore have shared with the land for over the last 100 years.

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