KellyBronze FAQs

  • When do I order my KellyBronze Turkey?
    Ideally a good few weeks in advance to secure the size bird you require, as they do sell fast.
  • Do you only sell the whole Turkey?
    No, not only do we sell the whole KellyBronze Turkey we also sell turkey Crowns and breast joints.
  • What's the best way to cook my KellyBronze Turkey?
    Everything you need is included in the box, including complete cooking instructions and a meat thermometer to ensure your KellyBronze is cooked to perfection. Cooking only takes around 2-3 hours in the oven and you don’t need to worry about basting or preparing a gravy, as the turkey produces lots of natural juices on its own. Use this for an incredible homemade turkey gravy!
  • When can I collect my KellyBronze?
    Christmas collection days fall on the 23rd or 24th of December! All turkeys are wrapped and boxed and collected from the Egg Shop.
  • Why have a KellyBronze for Christmas?
    This answer is fairly simple, KellyBronze is a premium bird and produces a fine dining experience, Juicy and tender. Once you've had a KellyBronze for Christmas you won't go back.
  • Do you Deliver KellyBronze Turkeys?
    Unfortunately not because of the demand and how many turkeys we'll have to deliver in the space of two days it's not viable option for us, therefore it's collection only from our Egg Shop please.
  • What size turkey do I order?
    We suggest based on the average appetite: 4kg turkey = 8-10 Adults / 5kg turkey = 11-12 Adults / 6kg turkey = 13-14 Adults / 7kg turkey = 15-16 Adults / 8kg turkey = 17-18 Adults / 10kg turkey = 20-21 Adults / 11kg turkey = 22-23 Adults / 12kg turkey = 24-25 Adults

Hen & Eggs FAQs

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