Three Generations of family farming at Sparlings Farm

Sparlings Farm specialises in poultry farming, being home to over 25,000 Lohman Brown hens. These hens are known for their high egg laying productivity, producing up to 300 eggs per year, so it’s safe to say that we go through a lot off eggs here at the farm!

As free-range chickens it is important to divide the flocks into smaller sizes to ensure comfortable living conditions. We currently have two flocks housed in our paddocks, with 25,000 chickens split into two flocks.

Chickens reared at the farm are a close part of the family. The arrive at just 16 weeks of age and begin to lay eggs around 4-5 weeks later, continuing to lay most days for the next 12 months.

Each bird is well feed and watered, while having almost unlimited access outside, giving them the freedom to roam around the farm getting some much-deserved sunshine and fresh air, not to mention a few insects and worms!

Sparling Free Range Eggs

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Free Range Hens for Improved Animal Wellbeing

We care greatly about every animal on the farm, which is why all hens are raised free-range. This means that they have access outside for most of the day, giving them the freedom to come and go from the paddock as they please.

The day begins early for our hens, with lights turning on and their boxes opening on at 4am! Thankfully, the chickens are early risers and are ready to set about their day, with most of the hens already laying their eggs for the day by lunch time.

From 8am the hens are free to roam outside in a massive stretch of land outside of their paddock. They get to wander around the scenic English countryside at their leisure, checking the ground for things to eat and generally enjoying the sunshine and fresh air – weather permitting of course!

The chickens naturally return to their paddock around dusk, with most enjoying the warmth of the paddock after the sun sets. Things get cold rather quickly, so they like to keep nice and toasty for the night. This also keeps them safe from predators overnight and any adverse weather, so it’s certainly a safe home for the entire flock.

Welfare of Our Birds

Animal welfare is at the core of our ethos here at Sparlings Farm. We strive to provide the safest, most humane environment for our hens, providing them with fed six times each day and constant access to fresh water.

All eggs are produced under the Woodland Eggs Scheme, British Lion Code, and RSPCA Freedom Foods Standards. Each organisation holds members under the highest standards and codes of conduct, while ensuring ethical production and quality standards for eggs.

We are proud to be held to such standards, as it showcases our commitment to the wellbeing of our hens and the quality of eggs they produce.

Supplying Locally and Nationally

Each hen at Sparlings Farm can lay up to 300 eggs per year, which we collect three times every week to ensure the freshest produce for our customers. We supply on both local and national levels, with contracts to some of the country’s biggest brands including Tesco, Sainsbury, and McDonalds.

As a family run farm in the small village of Felsted, we also believe it’s important to provide the local community with access to our delicious free-range eggs, with the used sourced by businesses including local farm shops, restaurants, and butchers.

Our free-range eggs are also available for sale to the general public at the Egg Shop in Felsted, Great Dunmow in Essex.

Welfare of our free range eggs

All our eggs are produced under The Woodland Egg Scheme to the British Lion Code and RSPCA Freedom Foods Standards, which are rigorously audited.


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