Welcome to the Egg Shop – Home to the Freshest Eggs in Felsted!

While we provide some of the biggest supermarket chains in the country with our fresh free-range eggs, we’ve not forgotten about the locals! We sell fresh eggs straight from the farm at the Egg Shop, located at the gates of Sparlings Farm.

All customers are welcome to purchase our eggs, which are available in various sizes ranging from medium to extra-large. Eggs are replenished daily from the nearby hens, making them some of the freshest eggs you’ll ever taste!

Sparling Free Range Eggs

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Visit the Self-Service Egg Shop Today

We use the tried and trusted self-service method to sell our eggs. Basically, the eggs are available for you to grab as needed, with nobody there serving customers. It’s very useful for us, as customers have access to fresh free-range eggs seven days a week!

However, we do rely on customer honesty for self-service purchases. So, if coming by to the Egg Shop, please pay the required amount for the eggs – we’re confident that every customer will do this of course!

Eggs benedict

Lohmann Browns are a staple egg here in the UK, yet not many of the eggs found in stores retain that authentic farmland flavour. Our eggs are as fresh as they get, with the beautiful brown eggs being a fantastic addition to any meal, whether scrambling, boiling, or poaching. The eggs are available in jumbo sizes too,

Welfare of our free range eggs

All hens at Sparlings Farm are given the freedom to roam the natural English farmlands surrounding their paddocks. From dawn till dusk, the hens graze on a maize enriched diet that includes all the nutritionally rich foods that the animals love, including wheat, marigold, and sunflower

Free-range eggs are generally much tastier than stadanrd eggs from the supermarket. The chickens are free to roam the farm and have constant access to fresh food and water, while also being able forage away to find their favourite snacks.

This all results in happy hens and excellent eggs!

To show our commitment to animal welfare, all eggs are produced under the Woodland Egg Scheme, the British Lion Code, and RSPCA Freedom Foods Standards, all of which are rigorously audited and held to the highest standards and ethical practices.


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